MBX MKII Limited Edition

"Our Goal was to create an ultra-refined, precision crafted case that boldy stands in a class by itself."

Charles Harwood, President & Co-Designer

The Computer Case; Redefined.

The MKII incorporates integrated features designed to provide clean, effective functionality solutions. From the mounting of liquid cooling components and drives, to the power and data cable management systems, every detail of every feature was scrutinized and fine tuned until we were 100% satisfied.

The result is a complete, cohesive creation harmoniously blending form with function and crafted with uncompromised quality.

The Perfect Chassis

The MKII starts with the brilliant SilverStone TJ07 Unibody design. The minimalistic aluminum extrusion, with its smooth radius curves and bold lines, provides the perfect foundation for the MKII.

Next came the refinements; we eliminated the 7-bay opening at the front and replaced it with a single, multi-purpose bay. We've reduced the power button size and changed the configuration. The MKII Unibody features our distinctive illuminated logo-lines which start above the Sculpted Front Grill, wrap around the top curve and finish by blending into an optical drive slot on top of the case.

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Motherboard Tray

While the new motherboard tray is the same size as the original TJ07 version, that's where the similarities end. It's now made of solid aluminum and all holes are blind threaded meaning they do not go through the other side, resulting in a much cleaner look. The 8mm thickness provides a solid base and allows us to machine out material for features like the uniquely numbered Limited Edition MBX MKII logo plate and the vertically adjustable EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder Mounts.

The motherboard tray slides in and out on rails like the original, but we've added nylon channel inserts to the rails to make the action smooth and protect the contact surfaces from damage.

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Modular Front Structure

The Modular Front Structure is among the most profound enhancements to the original TJ07 design, providing extensive integrated functionality solutions to the MKII case. The Modular Front Structure, as its name implies, is a versatile, fully modular system that's equally elegant as it is robust in design - thanks to its solid aluminum, 8mm thick outer structural frame and multi-function internal XMount brackets.

The MKII's Modular Front Structure is designed to provide an array of configuration options for a range of needs - both present and future. In its default configuration it can accommodate up to six SSDs, or configured for up to 3x 3.5" HDDs and 3x SSDs. The 3.5" HDD sleds can easily be replaced by Original Add-on parts like the Internal Pump Mount and Internal Aquaero Mount, thanks to the internal XMount bracket design. The Universal 5.25" Bay can accommodate one of our Original Add-on parts like the Crossflow Fan Assembly and the External Aquaero Mount, or, a 5.25" device of your choosing.

We will continue to create and offer Original Add-ons for the Modular Front Structure to provide new features and functionality to the MKII and keep it updated for years to come.

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Printed Circuit Boards

We've designed and incorporated 3 custom-made PCBs within the Modular Front Structure of the MKII. These PCBs function as backplanes for HDDs, SSDs, pumps, and serve as power distribution units that interface with our integrated cable management systems. Two custom-made sleeved cables connect the PSU to a PCB flush-mounted to the outside of the Modular Front Structure, providing power for drives, fans, pumps, lighting, et cetera.

The MKII also features two isolated 12v circuits that can be easily accessed for powering only the pumps for filling and bleeding liquid cooling loops.

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Cable Management

The MKII features integrated cable management systems so you get a clean, beautiful build; absent of cable clutter and unsightly wires. The MKII's innovative SATA data cable system makes running the cables to the motherboard connectors not only easy, but also visually appealing.

A beautiful PC requires thorough cable management and our experience creating custom murderbox machines over the years helped us to conceive and design practical cable management systems for the MKII. The results are effective and comprehensive cable management solutions that provide the means to effortlessly achieve a breathtaking PC build.

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Side Panels

The organic brushed lines of the anodized aluminum side panels provide a dynamic contrast against the fine texture finish of the unibody so there was no need to alter them from the original TJ07. We did make a few refinements, however. For one, we altered the size and position of the window so it provides a perfectly framed view into the upper section of the case. Next, we added a window to the other side panel to create visual balance and display interesting features on the back of the motherboard tray.

We also redesigned the mesh grill to accommodate an easily accessible, custom DEMCiflex dust filter that is provided with the MKII. Dust accumulation that was a problem in the lower section of the TJ07, has been resolved with the MBX MKII.

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Mount Plates

Like the original TJ07, we've utilized a midplate, backplate, and PSU mount plate, but we've significantly altered and enhanced them. The new Structural Midplate has a large section of material removed to permit tubes to pass between the upper and lower section without the need to drill holes. A Clean Midplate is included that attaches to the Structural Midplate with 4 screws. This is the plate you'll drill your holes for hoses and/or tubes to create a visually clean result.

The new Serpentine Backplate and Serpentine PSU Mount Plate incorporate the familiar serpentine lines of previous murderMod products. This design adds a distinctive addition to the MKII; a little retro to go with everything new.

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Sculpted Front Grill

Precision crafted from solid Aluminum, the Sculpted Front Grill boldly imparts the MKII's distinguished character while providing a filtered air intake for the case's upper section. The Sculpted Front Grill mounts into the 5.25" bay, and is easily removable for access to the bay, and/or cleaning of the supplied DEMCiflex dust filter.

The Sculpted Front Grill is included with the MKII, and is designed to also work with the Crossflow Fan Assembly Original Add-on.

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Add-on Options

We've created an extensive array of Original Add-on parts designed to enhance the features and expand functionality of the MKII.

We offer a range of innovative and easy to install radiator mounts to suit your specific cooling needs. You may desire a more visually dynamic alternative to the MKII's black mesh topgrill, like the Dual TopFan with its innovative open fans, or the familiar Acrylic Serpentine Topgrill.

To increase airflow in the MKII's upper section, we offer the Crossflow Fan Assembly, designed to attach to the Sculpted Front Grill. Our EVO.2 Floating Reservoir Holder works with the MKII's adjustable motherboard tray reservoir mount, and we've collaborated with EKWB to create a cylinder-style reservoir that integrates beautifully with the EVO.2 FRH.

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Add-on Development

In addition to the Original Add-ons currently available, we will continue to create and offer exciting new products to keep your MKII relevant, and your future builds on the leading-edge of PC technology.

Dynamic products like the XBase Pedestal concept that expands the MKII's cooling capacity, while elegantly blending with the Unibody's flowing form. Additional future Add-ons will include illuminated drive sleds, an SSD mount assembly for the back of the MKII's motherboard tray, and an Active Backplate that utilizes two 80mm filtered fans, providing additional airflow through the MKII's upper section.

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Create Your PC Masterpiece

The experience gained from years of crafting what many consider "functional art" custom PCs was distilled directly into the MBX MKII. The MKII with its innovative concepts and features was conceived, designed and constructed with a singular purpose - to provide its Owner the definitive platform to create their own PC Masterpiece.

Our passion for perfection and obsessive attention to detail give the MKII its heart. Its soul will arise from the connection with its Owner - having completed the first build; and then live on through future builds for years to come.

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